B e n e f i t s

During and after the class


Strengthen your core and support your spine to enable your body to open up its full potential


Direct your body and mind more purposefully to optimise your thoughts and actions


Challenge yourself physically and mentally, enabling better self management


Work every bodily system to release endorphins – the natural happiness hormone


Yoga activates the para-sympathetic nervous system which helps you to rest and digest


Learn how to open up and channel your breath while letting go of what no longer serves you

B l o g

Get in to your body to get out of your mind....

25 August

Range Of Motion, Different for Everyone

All along our physical journey (regardless of yoga interactions) there are people who seem stronger, more flexible and all round more able. I see my ego be sparked by this still daily, but I’m not so much letting this influence me.  Yes, I still am on my own path of continuous development but no, I […]

4 August

Meditation in Daily Life – Calming the mind

There are many types and styles of meditation all of which are practiced for a variety of reasons.  These reasons span from simply finding a calm space in a hectic world to actually changing ones view of how one perceives the world.  Whatever your motivation or reason to meditate then hopefully you will find some […]

9 July


I’m grateful for all my friends, family, teachers, students, and randoms who reflect aspects of myself previously unseen. I’m grateful for my warm, light, happy and nurturing home; in a location I love. I’m grateful for my life’s purpose, and what it brings me from amazing people, to profound experiences. I’m grateful for my health, for […]

T e s t i m o n i a l s

What they say?

  • Zena Hvas (Yoga and Meditation Participant)

    I really enjoy both your yoga classes and the meditation course. This was all totally new to me but I feel like you pay attention to the way in which every person that comes to your class is different and subtly try to give us a chance to come to our own understanding of our body and thoughts. I thought this was a wonderful aspect of the meditation course and it also allowed us all that took part to share with each other. I really enjoyed getting to know how to breathe a bit better and feel my body and thoughts more. Thanks Christine :) <3 <3

    - Zena Hvas (Yoga and Meditation Participant)
  • Amanda (Health Club Member, Pilates Participant)

    I have always enjoyed my Pilates but didn’t realise quite how fantastic it could be until I discovered Christine here.  She is wonderful I hope you realise what a treasure you have!

    - Amanda (Health Club Member, Pilates Participant)
  • Kyri P (R2 Records Founder & DJ; Meditation course participant)
    The perfect introduction to a variety of meditation techniques and a great foundation for a lifetime of exploration!

    - Kyri P (R2 Records Founder & DJ; Meditation course participant)
  • Jonathon (School Teacher & Yoga Student)

    Christine is a very warm and welcoming person so I felt very much at ease from the beginning of our yoga session. Beforehand she asked me what I would like to achieve and explained how she could help me with this.
    Christine explained how the session would go and that also it may change depending on what I need. I liked the idea of the session being tailored to suit me and the idea of our session being more fluid than rigid was great. I liked that Christine spoke with me throughout the session, explaining the connections between poses and, in some cases, how I can incorporate them into my daily life.
    After the session I felt that I had been comfortably pushed, which is something I have strived for with regard to yoga. I also felt energised! I would like to perfect some of the poses in future sessions and feel Christine helped create an environment, through specific encouragement and informative dialogue, for me to be able to achieve that. Thank you Christine!!!

    - Jonathon (School Teacher & Yoga Student)