108 Sun Salutations for the Philippines & a Brighter Start to 2014

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If you’re here then perhaps you can get involved?

How would you like to join in a 108 Sun Salutation Challenge to kick start your energy and the sunshine in 2014?!  Also, with all proceeds going to help support the survivors of the recent and horrific typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines?  ( joining in means you pledge to bring your own minimum donation or sponsorship of £40).

The challenge is not for the feint hearted but if you have a big heart still and would like to help, please sponsor me to do this challenge!

108 Sun Salutations is enough to get anyone warmed up and is a pretty intense challenge (most classes ask you to do 3-10/class), have done something similar and not walked properly for a day or 2 after! But it’s for a great cause and of course, saluting the sun, what a great start to 2014, intending for it to be a bright year ahead 🙂

108 The Philippines flyer

What’s going on?!
Event: 108 Sun Salutations.

Date: 12th January 2014, 3.30pm arrival 4pm prompt start.


Location: Kensington Unitarians, Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Lond

on W8 4RT


All donations will be be made online via the Virgin Give Money page. There link is below.


The charity we are fundraising for is The Disasters Emergency Committee, they work with a number of different charities in coordinating immediate relief support in troubled areas for more info see http://www.dec.org.uk/

In completing 108 Sun Salutations: – The whole process could take two hours 30 mins to three hours or more, pending how the salutations are led. Please be assured your participation and presence in this event is more important than successfully completing 108 Sun Salutations. You can rest at any point and rejoin whenever you want.


It’d be great to have your support!


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