5 tips for achieving a regular practice

regular practice

Have you ever found yourself starting something and enjoying it, but then, letting it all fall by the waste-side in a hopeless mess?

I have, many times.  Thankfully it generally doesn’t happen with my yoga practice.  Here’s a few tips I use to help me reap the benefits of having a regular yoga practice:

  1. Make a consistent space in your diary.  You can find classes any time of any day (especially if you live in a big city), pick a time you can stick to for at least the next 4 – 6 weeks.
  2. Find a teacher who you feel good about seeing, and who guides you to a constructive, and potentially happier place during and after class.  There are many of us teachers; and if you don’t feel shiny, light and the desire to return then the chances are you wont; and thus it probably isn’t the right teacher for you.  Explore someone else’s class.
  3. Aim to attend at a studio that is relatively accessible/not too far out of your way; a 1 hour journey to and from class can be a right downer, and quite draining (unless you live out in the sticks and it might be quite a pleasant ride or less choice!).
  4. Eat appropriately around the class.  I.e. don’t fill up your belly (especially on meat or heavy, stodgy dishes) less than 3 hrs before class.  Some fruit or nuts are an ideal snack if you need something to keep you going in the mean time.  Keep it light.
  5. Have fun with it!  If it starts to feel like a bore or work activity it’ll soon lose it’s majic and charm.

All in all, lighten up with your practice 😉

Much love x

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  1. Coltin
    March 10, 2017

    Good to see a taelnt at work. I can’t match that.


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