Big Up Brilliant Corners

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If you’re reading this you probably also know that Brilliant Corners is the home to the Core-Focus Tuesdays Sessions and has been monumental in helping us to launch these beautiful classes, also attended by the Patel men themselves when they’re in town.

Tomorrow they have a hearing to extend the licensing hours for the restaurant to help share the love of this amazing venue and kitchen even further; especially considering the lack of  (well for me at least, I know what I like when it comes to food, drink and vibes) places around which have the same kind of living room, family feel.  Thus, the class tomorrow is intended to share much love and good energy back into our yoga home as the hearing kicks off at 7.00pm – the same time as the class!

If you can’t make the hearing or the class then please hold a space for us and send all the good vibes you can to the boys so we can hope to keep sharing the Brilliant corners good vibes even more!  And if you’ve not tried the food, drinks or the yoga there then why not?!  😉

Much love and prosperity to all. x

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