18 January

Fighting with Myself

I am another youYou are another me When I fight with you, I’m really just fighting with myself I said that this week and I truly meant itThere was a time that I’d hear such words and wonder about on what drugs someone was to say something so bizarre. On my way home from the […]

20 March

Spring equinox

Spring equinox Equal time split between the night and the day, and being that it’s spring here in the NH, it’s also owing to the lessening of the cold and dark to make way for the sun’s growing journey which started back on December 21st with the solstice. It ought be warmer and lighter than […]

13 December

Conscious Christmas

Conscious Christmas, it’s not all about Consumerism, and no it’s not about religion too, well not for me. For me it goes back further than a couple of thousand years, billions of years actually.. Maybe it’s too late, maybe you already bought half the shops out of stock, or maybe you’ve been waiting for the […]

26 November

Guided full moon Harp meditation

Guided full moon Harp meditation

Guided meditation to your inner peace this full moon.. Step out of the city and into the house of peace..  The infamous Alina will be playing her Harp,  in accordance with Christine leading you through a journey of nourishment and rebalancing, guiding the mediation.  No past experience necessary, arrive where you’re at and leave where […]

29 September

Yet Again the Yoga Practice Creeps Up On Me

Some of you will know, some won’t. I’ve been in rehab since May, it was a ‘special’ start to the year and I’m still recovering; although I think this rehab (basic rest and recovery in many facets of life) span is capturing and restoring my body, energy and such from a much deeper and older […]

3 October

Heart Listening Meditation

Heart Listening Meditation

  Photo Credit Miguel Echievera This Heart Listening Meditation can help you to release fears and anxiety, tune into your true self and express the best of you.  Whatever the struggle, these past few years have had the propensity to make or break many of us.  Many have left this Earth, left relationships, ‘stable’ careers, and homes; […]

31 December

New Year, What U Starting..?!

New Year, What U Starting..?!

New moons, new seasons, new year and new Paradigms…  EVERYTHING energetically and cosmically is giving us constant opportunities to grab a hold of our lives the way we see fit to live them, and go for it! The highs and the lows being a part of life but choosing in which direction being our right.. […]

15 November

Those people you really want to remove from your life..

What is it with those rude, arrogant, miserable, selfish, ignorant people who just need to do one?!  Do you know anyone like that?  Or perhaps someone who really irritates you but you’re not sure why yet?.. I used to know a LOT of these people, frustrated the hell out of me but fortunately that circle […]