Happy Easter? Pascha? Passover? Chocolate Egg Day?. Holidays!!

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Personally, I was bought up as a Catholic.  Thus Easter was boring with lots of church visits but balanced out by chocolate bribes.

As I’ve grown through life I’ve learnt I’m not much a fan of organised religion, and although I believe that like Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and such, Jesus was a real man who left parables in an attempt to point at something divine.  I don’t however believe in heaven and hell, except that which we create for ourselves in our own minds; but I do respect that everyone believes in what they feel is right, organised religion may feel good to you and I respect that too.

Easter for me now, is a great time when I can spend some more time with the people I love and choose to be around.  Thus, I wish all people, (whatever it is you celebrate, love, family, suffering, God, chocolate, bunnies, the Sun) a VERY exciting Easter Holiday time.

We’re also between a lunar (moon 14/04/14) and solar (sun 29/04/14) eclipses right now, a powerful time of year for all!

LOVE and more LOVE xx

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  1. Minerva
    March 10, 2017

    I love these aretclis. How many words can a wordsmith smith?


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