Food Intolerance Testing

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Foods Testing

This morning I went on a quest, in search of on which foods perhaps I should rest.

I was surprised to hear how busy this little hospital department is here

Fructose, lactose, and glucose: sugars present in most things we ingest; and thus why I’m here for this test.

It’s been a long slog aiming to understand what makes me bloat, burp and generally hurt

Lactose, gluten, fibre and wheat; dairy, fructose, additives or meat?

We’re all told what’s ‘good’ for us; what we should eat, what we like or simply what’s cheap.

But what is it one needs as optimal feeds?

Food, nutrition and their products all seem such a mess; what I need to find is the moderation of what suits me best.

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  1. Patience
    March 10, 2017

    Thanks for helping me to see things in a dieerffnt light.


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