Pilates for Posture Workshop – Sitting and Standing

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Pilates for Posture – Sitting and Standing

Sunday 7th Feb 12.00 – 14.30

How are you sitting (or standing) right now?  Are your pelvis and spine aligned and well?  Does it even matter?

When we allow our vertebra (bones in the spine) to stack optimally, not only does this allow us to breathe fully, move easily, and promote a sense of balanced confidence; but it also helps us to prevent future injuries, strains and even some diseases.  

How we chose to sit or stand, and being aware of how the spine aligns through the different arrangement of our bones, is key to influencing and having a positive impact on our physical and emotional health.  Ideally, we were not created to sit or stand still for long periods of time; however, the current situation for most of us is just that; being overly static and without enough awareness about how this impacts ones health. Hence, why more and more people are turning to Pilates as a preventative and restorative for issues caused by poor posture in day to day life, sports, work and even some forms of extreme physical yoga.

Emotionally speaking, your posture affects both how you see the world and how the world sees you.  Standing tall and broad has been proven to help people to not only feel confident but to feel happy too! (check out some of the links below if you want to learn more!)..

Thus, in this 2.5 hour workshop we will be discussing and looking at how to sit and stand optimally for the health and happiness of you and your spine.  Empower yourself to have better health, awareness and longevity; look at the relationship of your spine to your pelvis so you can learn easy ways to correct your own posture when out and about or at work.  Also, we will be incorporating different Pilates exercises and other relevant techniques to strengthen and relax different parts of your anatomy, enabling you to move, sit and stand more freely; whatever it is you do with your life.

If you want any more information or to book on then contact Christine now (email and phone number below)!  Places are limited to 5, all equipment is provided.

£20 investment with Early Bird booking (book on or before Sunday 24th January – offer made available to email list, sign up to recieve future discounts and information before everyone else!) 
£25 regular investment price* 

If you’re interested but would rather the 1:1 attention and privacy of a private session then get in touch!  1:1 sessions are a great way to also help support you better if you want or need that little extra.

Love and thanks
Christine x

email: christine@core-focus.co.uk

Links for why posture matters:

TED Talks about Posture:
Websites on Posture:

* Please note, space only reserved once payment has been made, refund only given if requested 2 weeks or more before course start date, unless you can swap your place with a SUITABLE candidate (suitable down to the discretion of Christine @ Core focus). This is to ensure that you get the best quality sessions from Christine, and that Core-Focus can continue to deliver what you need, on a small scale and at an affordable price.  Thanks :)

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