Clothing & Equipment

Be ready dressed in comfortable clothing which you can freely move and relax in

For classes, mats are provided but there is a limited number for now.  Let me know before the class if you need a mat reserving

Confirmation, Information and Cancellation

Classes: Text or email by 3pm before the class to confirm if you need a space and/or yoga mat reserving– else you’re welcome to turn up but space/mat may not be guaranteed

Private Sessions: Book in advance and a MINIMUM 24hr Cancellation policy

Classes: If pre-booked also  MINIMUM 24 hr Cancellation time required to save being charged for session.  IF less that 5 people booked on, I do reserve the right to cancel the class with 2 hours notice, this is so I can potentially opt out of the space hire and not end up loosing out on hire costs.

Let me know before the class about any injuries or illness which may restrict you, or, if you are pregnant.  You can do this by email or using the contact form – it helps me to plan a class which may be more inclusive for you


For classes, you need a basic understanding of yoga or a reasonable level of fitness to join in the current classes

Private yoga/Pilates sessions, and age or ability welcome, if you’ve not been active in a while or if rehabilitating from major illness or injury please consult with your physician first and communicate with me any restrictions you need to work with

Reiki healing is safe at any time except during the first 3 months of pregnancy

Respect yourself and your friends during the class which means no forcing, overdoing, competing or judging (self or others); we’re all on our own journey and display different strengths and weaknesses.  Leave mobile phones OFF or on Silent during class and please arrive a few minutes early to calm down and be ready to start on time to make the most of the class

Always let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions either after class or via email/contact form on this website



photo by © Alexander Short