Christine is a fully qualified teacher of Pilatesyoga,  and meditation; she teaches Personal Pilates, Yoga and Mediation Sessions throughout London.  Christine was first drawn to Pilates as a means to correct poor posture whilst at University, and then as a means to heal from injuries and support her hypermobile body.  Meditation and mindfulness (meditation on the moment) play a large part in Christine’s practice and teaching; having had profound effects on her personal well being, she know these are key techniques to a healthy balanced life.

Happiness is an inside job and fun is a must for Christine, who says, life is to be lived fully; else, what’s the point?

Challenges are how we grow, mistakes make us human and, learning from them brings us wisdom.  Christine is also dyslexic, but continues to write, in her own way as this is something which she has loved since a young age (therefore excuse the odd grammatical faux pas).

Reiki and Seichem level 3 (Mastery) is also a tool Christine utilises, and channels these in healing sessions, on request.

No excuses, we are constantly reminded that this life can end at any time, why waste time being any less than YOUR personal BEST?!

Qualifications to date include:

  • Exercise referral REPS Level 3-4 accredited course for working with special populations
  • Nutritionist Level 4 (ABC Awards Accredited) Diploma
  • Nervous System, Endocrine System and Fascial/Ligamentous Systems Training with BMC (Body Mind Centring) Somatic Education Course
  • Anatomy Train in Motion 3 Days Fascial Training, deepening education of structural integration in movement 
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga, trained with appleyoga
  • Meditation Tuition Teachers Diploma (breath work, mindfulness & guided visualisation) CMA accredited course
  • 200hr Ashtanga (Fast, Strong and Meditative Yoga) Yoga Alliance (YA) accredited Course
  • Mat Work Pilates (all about the posture and core control spliced up with Anatomy & Physiology in deep) REPS Level 3 accredited course
  • 100hr Anusara (Alignment, Open Heart and Graceful Flow Yoga) YA UK accredited course
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga (fun, exciting and energetic kids, teens and families yoga) YA accredited course
  • Reiki and Seichem Mastery (Safe, balancing and non-invasive holistic healing method)

Christine’s history also includes a BSc in Bioinformatics at University in Manchester, and has worked within corporate pharmaceutical and software companies.  She has worked in a multitude of other person facing roles; and thus has an ability to connect with people from all walks of life.




photo by © Alexander Short