Why I’d rather read a book over a newspaper

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book not news

People,  keep saying ‘We need to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world’.  I agree, awareness and information is key.  But I disagree when it comes to what is shared via the mainstream papers and magazines and here’s why:

I don’t see a point to reading fiction, as in made up stories, when there are so many real life experiences and lessons which I could delve into and learn, be inspired by or have fun with.

To me, the mainstream papers and magazines are very similar to the made up stories you find in fiction books; except with a fiction book you get to choose the style of story you want to read.  Pretty much all the mainstream papers and magazines, the news, focus on negative and destructive stories, which seem to be intending to scaring people into believing we need identity cards, war, and plastic surgery; or, that we should work harder and longer, so we can afford newer and better cars or shoes.

Why would one want to inflict these kind of messages on ones self and wind up all depressed by thinking of death, comparing ourselves to people who appear to have more than us, and thus forgetting how totally awesome we are?  Especially first thing in the morning.  Instead, personally, I’d rather be celebrating life and all the amazing people, places, things and such in it!

If I do see ‘news’ I hope it’s information to share awareness about how I can help to make this world a better place for my family and children to grow up on; shining a light so I understand where I can be a better human; or telling me about the successes people are having in creating hemp plastics, healthier skies and happier homes.


I Choose life 🙂

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    March 10, 2017

    Back in school, I’m doing so much leanring.


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