Spring Plane Sailing?

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plane sailing

Much plane sailing happening for you right now?  Or does the world seem to be throwing everything and more at you?!  See what you’re made of?  How strong can you be?.

All may have seemed quite quiet and as if plane sailing at Core-Focus too but, times are anything but that!

The Universe has beautifully sent me into Pilates teaching full power!  This combined with working hard at studying to add a Nutritionist qualification to my bow (in my aim to offer a well rounded and creative option for health) and gearing up for the new term which starts on Tuesday!!  I’ve not been able to catch up in my home let alone on this interweb communication!

High times; takes much focus, hard work and concentration given to each and every step and muscle movement – much like a Core-Focus class! 😉

Very excited.  Hope you can make it on Tuesday, sorry as are minimal details up for now (i.e. time, date, location) but they’re all in the cooking pot and it’s feeling pretty hot!

Love, thanks and more love to all those reading. x

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