The “L” Vitamin


Researching about depression for my Nutritional diploma and I came across this.  Wouldn’t you agree?  If not, I prescribe upping your dose and reassess:

Vitamin L (The Love Vitamin)

“ coined by humanologist, Bethany ArgIsle.  One of the most important nutrients for optimum health is a daily dose (or more) of Love.  This vital human emotion/expression/ experience is necessary for the optimal functioning of people and all of their cells tissues, and organs.  It is found in most of nature – in foods, domestic animals, friends, and family – and is used to heal a wide variety of diseases.  There are no toxic effects, but deficiency can cause a wide range of ailments.. .

.. ..This vitamin acts as the ‘Universal’ vitalizing energy.. particularly important to heart function and the circulation of warmth and joy.  Digestion is very dependent on appropriate doses of vitamin L, as is the function of the nervous system.  Adrenaline, the brain endorphins (natural tranquilizers and energizers), and other hormones are enhanced by vitamin L as well.”


Quoting from Staying Healthy with Nutrition, E. M. Haas, M.D. pg149

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