What is Meditation?  How do you ‘do’ meditation?  What is mindfulness? 

I don’t have time to sleep, let alone meditate!..  It all sounds a bit stressful?!.. 


The benefits of meditation are:

  • Feeling  calmer, more able to manage one’s ‘stress’ 
  • Not so worried about what others think of you
  • Easily getting to sleep, with a better sleep quality 
  • Improved relationship with self and others
  • Enhanced creativity and allowing ones own ‘spark’ to shine
  • Better focus and concentration on task in hand

Core-focus.co.uk offers tailored 1:1 sessions and ad hoc group courses for beginners, refreshers and regular meditation practitioners.

This can be at your office, the comfort of home or at an external studio.  Send us a message using the contact form and Christine or one of the team will call you to discuss further.


Mindfulness seems to be the meditation technique which has made a lot of headway in scientific and spiritual communities alike. As Ekhart Tolle describes in his book, “The Power of Now”, everything is about this moment; whatever it is we’re feeling, living, exploring, it all happens right now, and mindfulness is a great way to get you into that space of the Now.

Through being mindful, we can pay attention to what is going on, in each moment, and therefore respond to life as it happens; in a way which is more empowered rather than reactive.  When you’re not present and you’re stuck in your thinking mind,  it’s hard to respond without past prejudice and judgment taking hold, or being blinded by future anxieties.  Hence by practicing mindfulness you are more able to respond to life as it happens and make the most out of each moment as it also gets you out of worries, regrets, fears, anxieties and judgments.

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