A Poem about Anxiety


Be an openly relaxed hand

Be a platform for the butterfly to land

Do not look to grasp it tight and break its delicate wings

This is what can happen when grasping at someone or something..

Let. It. Go.

Let IT go, hold Yourself close, and dear
& this fullness will nourish your relationships when near..

One is worth one’s divine love and attention

Trust that life hears the heart’s intention

Intend to grasp, fulfillment not trusted..
Then this will perpetuate, only to have lusted.

Know your worth, if you don’t then study,
Be your own best project, your own best buddy..

If feeling needy, know why it’s there;
It’s an old trauma, now you can bare.
I need you, to know I’m OK? Nah, not anymore,
I’ve got ME today… 

Specifically, I’ve written this with relation to the Insecure or Anxious Attachment style. Attachment in infancy can have a massive effect on the adult, however, as an adult, one has the faculties, or can learn about them, to process the idiosyncrasies in order to heal old wounds and traumas…

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