New Moon, to go in

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The new moon. When the night sky is at its darkest. The moon obscured by the Earth so it doesn’t reflect the light of the sun. It’s a time which sets the tone for the coming month but also offers a greater access to mix among the shadows..

This new moon, for me, has been bringing up a lot of old wounds.
Life has it right now that the one thing we do have is space and time to feel into, to process, however many years or decades of life which we’ve simply been too busy to be able to or to care to address before..
It’s only by moving through feelings, by really feeling those difficult, frustrating parts of ourselves, and for me; by writing about it or having a conversation with my therapist; that we can get to know ourselves better, to more deeply get to know our frustrations; rather than following old patterns of cutting or self-medicating to avoid such difficult feelings.

It’s not easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way as instead of being a nightmare and a tyrant unable to know why I want to disconnect from life or why I’ve behaved irrationally towards myself or those I love; I feel I’m now a person I can really be in love with.

If you’re not already, give yourself the time to get to know yourself better. Self-indulge deeper. Feel more. Allow yourself to take your time, and remember, once you’re there feel it and it too will pass and make space for some evolution.

It’s not living if we can’t feel it.

With love and in love,


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