A Core-Focus Personal Session is about feeling great and re-connecting to the best version of you.

General Core-Focus sessions help you to harmonise using core alignment and precision principles from Pilates, linked into the rebalancing science of yoga, and a good dose of mindfulness meditation. 

Corporate Sessions are available to bring all the benefits, from strengthening to relaxation, of a session into the convenience of your office space.

The sessions are designed to have you exercising and exploring your body and mind, allowing you to access your unique flow and form.  Therefore, enabling you to feel more able and effortless with your movements which will then spill out into your life, and day to day activities.

Sessions are infused with fun and a special energetic twist to help you move beyond the mundane into your optimum..

The sessions focus on using your body, mind and energy optimally, helping you not only to grow stronger and more flexible but to tune into something deeper in both body and mind.  The powerful and functional physical sessions are intended to help restore, re-balance and re-tune you.  Both movement and stillness can be energising yet relaxing and restorative, therefore additional relaxation can be added to your personal session to include guided meditations, silent restfulness, pranayama (breath work), or Reiki healing, depending on what you want.  


Learn how to focus your energy, use it how you choose, stop wasting it mindlessly.  Focus your mind, enhance your potential and feel better about who you are and what you do.  

Don’t think you’re flexible enough to do yoga?


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photo by © Alexander Short