Time To Be a Woman

Time to be a woman

Obviously, with this bleeding Coronavirus or COVID-19 going around and scuppering a lot of businesses, other sorts of meetings, getting to work, parties, social outings; I am probably not the only one perturbed.

I’ve been keeping social and working online, this has been a lifeline for me and some of my clients say it’s been an invaluable service for them too. As well as of course, building in some sort of routine to my life.

However, today is day 2 of my period (I’m sorry if you find this gross anyone, but we’ve all be created within this miracle which is the woman’s monthly cycle, it’s a part of nature; like winter, flowers, waterfalls and pooping; which we can’t deny), and hence I’m even more revelling do my work today (or not) from the safety of my own nest/cave.

Having been on a journey to be listening more and more to this wonder, which is the physical body, my physical body, in particular, I can say wholeheartedly that this is something I’ve been needing to become available to me for the past many years!

I’ve found, that the more I work outside of my comfort zone (which can be quite all-encompassing) when my body is shedding/cleansing/bleeding, the more I get pains.

For example, when I worked in an office situation, which is very much not in my comfort zone, I would literally be on my bathroom floor in tears due to the strength of the crampings and pain my body was signalling to me, literally forcing me to stay home from work. It’s also happened during the first couple of years for my current style of working if I’ve had a particularly high volume of clients to see in different locations during the first few days of bleeding.

Now, I have better boundaries but always found it hard to justify not going somewhere to work or even a party or to play for the sole reason of having my period. Hence, now I write this as a muse to all other women for taking time to nurture and explore how this feels in contrast to that which we may have just last month been calling ‘normal’..

Whilst we have this time to contemplate…..

With love

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