Do I do it for me, or for you?..


The conflict, or the reflection about doing what you need to do to fulfill yourself, whilst being conscious about the needs of others.

The ultimate internal dilemma I (and maybe you) face regularly with regards to, ‘should’ I do this because I want to or ‘should’ I do that because it’s a nice thing to do for An Other..?

Is it about love and our relationship to ourselves and others?  Power dynamics?  Or perhaps emotions, or our sexual energy and desires?  Fulfilling our right to feel certain things?  Or, is it about how we express our needs and receive the communications from others about their needs or desires?  As with everything one experiences in life, it’s all down to our perception..

Yet, with so many questions how can a decision ever be confident?

Truth being, we only do things for others if there is some kind of selfish motive in there somewhere anyway, even if this is as innocent as enjoying the warm feeling you get when you make someone else smile.  Also, if we’re not doing something which benefits us in some way; how can we 1) know it is really going to benefit An Other (only they know what’s best for them..) and 2) how will we ever get what we need?

If we fulfill ourselves does that mean we also have more energy and impetus to give when An Other asks?

Follow your heart..

Much Love x

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  1. Alexavier
    March 10, 2017

    This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any arlcites on rehab?


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