2016 A Year for Clarity

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Wow.  What a year..  How was your 2015 for you?..

We’re continually encouraged to grow and connect with the wider world, at least astrologically and energetically speaking..  Getting clear about what we are and what we are not; seeing more reflections of our innate values and innocent self; beyond social and familial conditioning..

Christmas can be a great time to see a run through of the generations, witnessing at large, the changes happening as we all grow towards a new paradigm.  Perhaps, also being able to allow grace on those traits we see in our parents, and our parents parents, or our churches or society which have previously driven us to insanity or despair.  The cold (ish, it’s on it’s way!) air clearing the mind and allowing a much needed opportunity for reflection; a time to see ourselves more clearly and to be able to reflect these self-realisations into our expressions.  Not falling back into the comfortable, known, confused, disconnected and deluded self..

In 2016, pay attention to your reality; pay attention to those around you, the reflections received and the projections you may still be making..  We are all mirrors; to be able to detach from certain ways of being (without getting drawn in and replaying old stories of the victim, the bully or the child), in order to empower our living more in alignment with our ‘higher’ selves.  Acting more consciously, seeing those reflections which make us grimace or feel a strong emotion, and not dismissing them as someone else’s shit but seeing that it’s OUR buttons which are being pushed.  Thus, feeling the emotions, making the most of a chance to further connect with a potentially hidden part of oneself, and to grow awareness of and beyond those things we see, not only to grow from the reflections we don’t enjoy seeing, but from the ones which we enjoy too.  It’s not about self-sacrifice but self-actualisation, and this ever expanding and blossoming realisation of self is how we further come into harmony with our surroundings, nature and our homes.  When feeling this connection to the Earth and each other, how can we not treat them with the same love we are craving as individuals?

Happy new year kids.  Remember that drunk youth who falls into you on the dance floor hasn’t got the beef if it’s YOU (or me) who is getting angry at the situation..  Have a great 2016.



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  1. Honney
    March 10, 2017

    What a neat artlice. I had no inkling.


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