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The word ‘Reiki’ is more common place than “Reiki & Seichem”.  This is because Reiki, on it’s own has been in the West a lot longer than being offered in combination with it’s sibling energy, Seichem, read below for a break down on these.

I hear some skepticism around Reiki & Seichem, and I can’t blame people.  It took a long while for me to really trust in what I was feeling, and to appreciate what I’m working with.  My journey working with other kinds of medicines and healing techniques just keeps bringing me back to the energy, i.e. Reiki & Seichem; and the more I work with it, the more strongly I, and my clients can feel its charge.

If you’ve any science or physics to your back ground (I have quite a bit of science, in the form of a bioinformatics degree; but physics only to A-Level, hence taking my time to fully appreciate this), you’ll know about energy, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, and perhaps quarks, neutrinos, taos, anti-matter etc etc..  Trying to keep things on a level here, not too technical I mean (apologies if it does get a bit geeky); everything, even air, is made up of atoms and atoms combine to make molecules (O2 being the chemical formula for oxygen); therefore everything has a charge, or a current to it; as everything is made of atom (and all atoms have electrons, protons and neutrons).

Within molecules, inter-atomic forces are at play, and can attribute to the atoms vibrating to and from their equilibrium points, this movement plus rotations of the negatively charged electrons, help to play a part in the vibration of particular atoms or molecules.  Thus, the atoms (particles) move in a wave-like pattern (look up wave-particle duality theory for more information).  The electromagnetic spectrum is also another great way science can help illustrate where this wave oscillation and vibration works within our world.

 The electrical current which flows through different materials has different levels of conduction (i.e. how easy it is for electricity, or let’s say energy, more broadly speaking; to flow through it).  Energy moves therefore, at different frequencies and at different wave lengths depending on its charge and conduction through different atoms and molecules (i.e. air, matter such as your computer, your brain and body..).  Energy is never created or destroyed but, somehow it manages to change state, a lot, depending on where it came from last and what it’s passing through, and a whole host of other variables.  I consider Reiki & Seichem to be super conductive energies with a healing intention, coming from an unlimited source; you hear about people wanting to re-connect with source; the Reiki & Seichem currents are uninterrupted and pure channels from this source; the place where we are all, as one.

I wanted to get into a little bit of physics to open (or re-open for some) the conversation that, everything isn’t only what we can see with our fantastic, yet finite left and right eyes.  We can’t see air yet there is a lot going on there.  We can’t see through ‘solid wood’ yet the wood is never any more solid than the air, or ether, around us.  To expand our horizons and push the boundaries of what we ‘know’, is where we can continue/start to grow..

Reiki & Seichem are channeled through a person who has been opened/attuned to these particular energy channels.  This energy channelling is then done within a session, or treatment, which can last anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes (you can probably get longer sessions but I personally find this is the most I feel ok to work per session).  It is said to be a ‘hands on’ method but this doesn’t mean you’ll have hands on your physical body, generally the work is done in your energetic body, or aura, which means no touching necessary; but working a couple of inches above your physical body.   Everyone works differently, some people will go to chakras or points of trouble for the patient, where as I like to let me hands guide me, intuitively; it doesn’t matter so much where the therapist is positioned as the energy has an intelligence of its own, it knows where to go, and seeks to heal and balance where ever it is needed.

In order to practice Reiki & Seichem you need to be attuned to these specific frequencies.  Of course, anyone can channel their own energy or any other source they can tap into but, just be mindful, a) not to deplete yourself if it’s your energy you’re channeling, b) about what energy it is you are sharing, as everything has different properties, it’s important to be aware with what it is you’re playing with.  If you think of the string theory, and then have Reiki & Seichem as one of those strings, consider all the other potentials too – with all their other properties, a potential mine field, but also very interesting.

Reiki [ “Ray-Kee” ] and Seichem [ “Say-Keem” ] are the names given a set of 4 elemental, universal energies which work in harmony with each other.  The energies are:

Reiki – Life force energy which is connected to the earth element but is NOT energy from the Earth (i.e. not from our 3D planet Earth manifestation), it pervades the entire universe through all dimensions.  Reiki energy can be beneficial for physical, mental and emotional health and sets the groundwork through which the other energies can work.  It can be experienced as hot or cool energy.

Sakara – Elemental fire energy works effectively in the body’s electro-magnetic aura.  Sakara cleanses the chakras and burns out the things which no longer serve you, burning through blockages and thus can be experienced as a hot or tingling energy.

Sophi-el – Elemental water energy which works deep within the emotional body, it helps to find the core cause and effect of issues.  Sophi-el therefore also supports emotional and sexual healing and opens the heart to receive love and feel compassion; it is known to assist in increasing the healer’s psychic awareness.  It can be experienced as gentle and cool or even ice cold!

Angelic Light – Elemental air energy which can enhance the healer’s 3rd eye perceptions and forms a link with the angelic realm.  When people receive this energy it is generally experienced as a cool and gentle breeze, and can sometimes feel like the healing work is being carried out nowhere near where the healer’s hands are.

The above 4 energies all work together, in harmony to bring about the potential for profound healing to the receiver.

If you’re interested in getting a treatment it’s always a good idea to check out your choice of therapist, or even to find one through the RASA (Reiki & Seichem Association) website, as here all the people listed have had their lineages checked and you’ll know you are working with someone legitimate.  Equally, if you’re local to London, drop me a line.

Warm regards and with SO much Love x

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