Conscious Christmas

Conscious Christmas, it’s not all about Consumerism, and no it’s not about religion too, well not for me. For me it goes back further than a couple of thousand years, billions of years actually..

Maybe it’s too late, maybe you already bought half the shops out of stock, or maybe you’ve been waiting for the green light to grinch it up too..

Each year this becomes a stronger pull for me to not want to give or recieve things.

For me, it simply seems crazy (like many things, too many things to mention haha) that we would keep spending our hard earned cash on frivolous trash which is basically utilised for 1 day, ever, as next year of course, there will be another band of buying to replace the discarded items from this year past.. And the cycle continues.

Maybe I am a grinch, or an overly deep thinker but to me it seems we need a few more people to have some discernment around things so easily manipulated by media, big brands and ideals which clearly don’t care for the future of generations, even if they pretend to care for 1 or 2 days à year, to get us to give them more money.

If we really look at it, astrologically if we look at science and physics, Christmas, as in the 24th, is the 3rd day after the solstice (we usually have 3 days to feel the effects of shifts and changes within the planets, moon and stars, ie the sun), the birth of the sun from the darkness, or as christians see it the birth of the son of God.

We are celebrating the returning of the light, in the northern hemisphere, the sun, the giver of life (watch a plant or human try to grow without light), for me THIS is the miracle, the simple fact of light and warmth from the Sun God (dare I say, check out the Scandies right now with their version of paganism if one needs a name for this), coming back to help food and air cleaning trees to regrow (you know, the real essentials). All of this with the presence of the ones we love, a cold time, great to eat, drink, hibernate and be merry with them.

I don’t understand why we’ve allowed media companies to turn this into another excuse to make money, make us spend a s**t tonne of it and cause so much more pollution to our already fragile eco systems.

It’s not that I feel that this makes me a grinch, but it’s making me think about taking my nieces and nephew out to the cinema, helping them make something and actually spending the most precious commodity one has, ones time. Money comes and goes, but our time and people in our lives, never again will the chance of these moments come back.

Let us not to get swept up by mindless consumerism and make a more conscious decision for how one spend time or money on those one loves.

Consiousness seems to be the new fad, which seems totally ironic, from my perspective, considering the above, so if we’re ‘being conscious’, why not include having a more conscious christmas and consumerism this holiday time?

Love n peace x

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