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I’m being blessed with many sessions to instruct recently, from meditation through to strong Pilates classes, thus I see a lot of bodies and the majority of them seem to be more tired than I realised at this time of year!

Caffeine helps but for how long?

Getting more into instructing the physical side of my job (yoga and Pilates more so than Reiki or meditations), it’s great the more I get to know different groups of people so that they can appreciate I’ll give them a VERY hard work out if that’s what I feel I’m needed to give, but sometimes, the minds of many are up for super physical Ra Ra Ra!! (which is very fun to deliver!) But, their bodies and eyes seem to say something totally different to me, more like, “be kind and gentle with me, I’ve had a hard xxx”.  This feels challenging to administer, as the mind/ego quite often will not thank you for leaving out the super sweatathon in favor of something more ahhhhhhhhhh than Ra Ra Ra (both session types require similar energy from me so it makes no difference except to my gut instincts)..

Finding this balance in my own life too can be mystifying when living in such a hardworking and fast paced city, I’m getting better at it, but, being freelance I’ve realised is rewarding but tricky to self-manage at times.

When you’re shattered and frazzled do you still push yourself 120%?  Or do you listen and perhaps rest or go for more gentle activity?

Why is it so many of us seem ruled by the head rather than what our body maybe screaming at us about in signs of pain, fatigue or everyday niggles?  This morning I had no choice, I missed my alarm to instruct a 07.15am class, *gulp*, so not cool but I guess this is the universe telling me I need to rest this morning!  Not great for future of covering that class, but this is enough of a wake up call for me to ensure I get that rest when it’s feeling needed..

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