Friday 13th, Unlucky for Some

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Friday 13th, Freaky Friday.  I have never really understood why.

Some people are superstitious of numbers, some of black cats, some of walking over a certain number of drains; and others even more crazy things.

This Friday 13th marks a D day for me, D as in Divorce.  The BIG D, especially at age 33, I never expected this to be happening for me.

However, I don’t see this as a freaky day, or a bad day.  I see this as the end of an era to be celebrated.  I couldn’t have married a better person, it’s just a shame that we live in very different worlds which were only able to align (or collide as one may see it) for a short time.

I’ve had the opportunity to be with my ex’s name for over 5 years now.  Not sure of what name I’ll be wearing next year.  But. on my way to finalise paperwork, on today, Friday the 13th, I grasp how lucky I’ve been.

Uncivil divorces and breakups being rife, and a standard set about decent people and not accepting less.  I have accepted less, and more in some ways, in the past 2 years since we separated.  But, it’s great to reflect and accept some of my own flaws as well as basic standards which need to be met when it comes to letting someone intimately into one’s life.  Those amazing ex’s, they are the ones which make me feel lucky that I know what I’m worth, the others I can chalk up to experience.

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