Homemade natural deodorant

cocoloco pits

Coconut Oil + Bicarbonate of Soda.  Done.

Coconut Oil:

  • Moisturising and antibacterial (it’s excessive bacteria having a pit party which is usually the cause for stinky pits),

Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking Soda*:

  • Helps to neutralise odor and absorb excessive sweat
  • Balances pH
  • Prevents dramatic staining of clothing, unlike conventional products

This recipe has changed my life.  Not wanting to use chemicals anymore; I had tried a lot of natural brands and usually feeling smelly, sticky and yucky by 10am, thanks to Lily for the tip.

Here’s the how:

  • To FRESH, Clean pits, apply a generous but not excessive amount of coconut oil (whole pit coverage advised).
  • Place some baking soda in the lid of the container or on a small dish, see to it it’s not clumpy.
  • Use your fingers to dab on to your pits (it may take a couple of days to get the hang of amounts right for you but main advice here is less is more, start small and build up a bit if you feel you need it)*.


Why I choose the natural path:

Basically, in my opinion, chemicals are unnecessary and in many cases not sufficiently tested for their long term effects on humans or the surrounding environments.  Also clogging up your pores with so many chemicals, especially with the prevalence of things such as breast and lymph node cancer, seems unwise if you don’t have to.  Your armpits are a gland-fest and especially if shaved or waxed and thus over-exposed, need to be treated with care.

The FDA of the USA would disagree with me but if you have watched or read ‘The world according to Monsanto‘ and taken in some of the factual evidence it’s found in relation to the corruption of such Government regulated authorities, then you too would question the word of the general governance of the consumer industry..  Through personal home experimentation and reading about other’s experiences I’ve concluded that natural ingredients harmonise with my body off less; and thus this is the direction feel I can trust the most.

Finally, I was fed up with throwing away decent tops due to the yellow hardening under the arms looking unsightly -this is a wardrobe saver too!

Thanks and happy sweating. x

*Note, if skin is irritated before hand the bicarb may exacerbate symptoms, may also help in this case to wash briefly each night and reapply straight coconut oil to nourish your skin 😉  Stop using if it dries out your skin too much!

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