Pilates for Posture – Upper back and Shoulders

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Sunday 13th March 12.00 – 14.30



Do you ever notice yourself or those around you with classic hunched shoulders and neck when checking ones phone or other electronic device?  Even when reading a paper book it seems that we don’t do enough to counter this forward curving position to help the body to find balance again.  There was a time when people would practice walking with books on their head as a means of steady posture when walking, people were more active and there was less back pain in the ‘developed world’.  Thus today, let’s take a step into finding, mobilising and using those long lost muscles; preventing atrophy, frozen shoulder, chronic neck pain, increased risk of issues associated with thoracic osteoporosis and many other things which could be positively impacted by knowing more about your anatomy and how to use it.

How does your ribcage sit?  Do you feel sometimes (or all the time) like the hunchback of Notre Dame?  Keep getting told you need to pull your shoulders back?  Get tight in the neck, shoulders, upper back?  Tension head aches?  Feel a bit lost in your own skin?.

No need to worry, get yourself aware and re-aligned, come see me for part 2 of the Posture workshop where we’ll be focusing on the upper body bones alignment, how this related to your posture and, how you present yourself and how you feel out in the world.  If you didn’t make it to part 1 (although the work we did there does feed into this) you can still make it to part 2, as our focus will be on the upper body with a basic recap on the previous workshop; part 2 contains Pilates and mobility exercises and stretches to help empower you and your ability to move out of excessive kyphosis (i.e. the hunchback look) and it’s associated symptoms.

When we allow our vertebra (bones in the spine) to stack optimally, not only does this allow us to breathe fully, move easily, and promote a sense of balanced confidence; but it also helps us to prevent future injuries, strains and even some diseases.  Thus, also we’ll be looking in more depth on how to breath deeply, maximising mobility of the rib cage, mobilise parts of you which you didn’t know you could mobilise and use Pilates and some other tools to get you more present in your body, moving more as nature intended!

If you want any more information or to book on then contact Christine now (email and phone number below)!  Places are limited to 5, all equipment is provided.

£20 investment with Early Bird booking (book on or before Thursday 3rd March) 
£25 regular investment price* 

If you’re interested but would rather the 1:1 attention and privacy of a private session then get in touch!  1:1 sessions are a great way to also help support you better if you want or need that little extra.

Love and thanks
Christine x

email: christine@core-focus.co.uk

Links for why posture matters:

TED Talks about Posture:
Websites on Posture:

* Please note, space only reserved once payment has been made, refund only given if requested 2 weeks or more before course start date, unless you can swap your place with a SUITABLE candidate (suitable down to the discretion of Christine @ Core focus). This is to ensure that you get the best quality sessions from Christine, and that Core-Focus can continue to deliver what you need, on a small scale and at an affordable price.  Thanks 🙂

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