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This anxiety is gonna eat me up.

Trying just to breath and make it stop.

My intestines wrench and pain,

This pain driving me closer to insane.

All this pain from 1 primary source,

my nerves frying from a mental discourse..

How to quell this anguish I’m just not sure…

Challenges of self love always seem to hit me more.

But, to be in this place,

make the most of this unknowing space..

Trying with my finite mind,

to Trust what to it is still blind..

Too blind for my ego to see,

I feel it threatening my security.

To be secure is not my goal,

but to live fully and be whole..


How can something feel so wrong,

These pains are far too strong.

Knowing resistance cause the heat inside,

I continue to reduce my pride.

Wondering where I belong,

Calmly I learn to sing my song..


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