Those people you really want to remove from your life..

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What is it with those rude, arrogant, miserable, selfish, ignorant people who just need to do one?!  Do you know anyone like that?  Or perhaps someone who really irritates you but you’re not sure why yet?..

I used to know a LOT of these people, frustrated the hell out of me but fortunately that circle for me is ever dwindling; it’s more the occasionally rude or mean ones who are left.

How did I get them out of my life?  Did I throw them under a bus or move town?  No, resisting the urge proved to be beneficial, as always, violence or avoidance aren’t resolutions but remedial stalling mechanisms.  What I did was face up to the real reason these people would get under my skin.

If someone hits your nerve, they can only do it because there is a part of them already inside you, a part of you.  If they were not a part of you then their traits wouldn’t bother you and you could just brush it off without a care.  Truth is, we’re all reflections, of the good, bad, and the ugly of each other; just as you see beauty because you too are a part of that beauty; you see ignorance or stupidity it’s because you’re being stupid in that moment too.

Next time you get irritated, hurt or pained by someone, take a moment to self-study – Svadhyaya, one of the niyamas in Ashtanga yoga; it’s likely you can remedy yourself without so much blaming the other..

Namaste x

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