What a weekend…. New Moon Happy Mothers Day too!

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Spring has it’s way of getting things to freshen up, move along and get the party starting..

With the New Moon in Aries today, Mothers day in the UK, rounding up to my last week of full-time ‘in the system’ working, expanding my family (a brother rather than a baby, not quite ready for motherhood yet!), meeting some fabulous, intelligent and spiritual lovers, and feeling all star-struck by being in the same space as the beautiful Johnny Depp; it really is time to lay down those intentions for the next month..

What do I want to create from here?.

How can I best fulfill my life for the good and love of our universal, global consciousness?


Time to meditate as there’s no time to hesitate..  How best to let go, remembering you just gotta go with the flow..


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  Much love  xx


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