Yet Again the Yoga Practice Creeps Up On Me

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Some of you will know, some won’t. I’ve been in rehab since May, it was a ‘special’ start to the year and I’m still recovering; although I think this rehab (basic rest and recovery in many facets of life) span is capturing and restoring my body, energy and such from a much deeper and older set of wounds.

Today I awoke with the sun, I have black out style curtains but still, the sun bought me up with him, therefore giving me an hour or so to practice before work. During the past 5 months I’ve practiced physical yoga perhaps twice, kind of, as my injuries have been too loud otherwise.

As I practice simply Uttansana, Trikonasana, Parsvottonasana I get more richness than perhaps ever before. I realise once I’m done, that I’ve been practicing yoga all along, it’s that I’ve been working on the first 2 limbs of the yamas and niyamas. It’s in these first 2 limbs, before the asan, ie physical practice as most people know yoga, that we work on how we treat ourselves in respect to our individual person and in respect to being in society. This is where the foundations are laid.

I read this week about someone criticising yoga for being too self-indulgent and too much of an industry and, I couldn’t agree more. However, IF we all taught as teachers or were taught as students more on these first 2 limbs before the acrobatics (I don’t do acrobatics for my practice by the way, it’s just not for me), I think yoga may have a better vibe, feeling and presence within our o so needy global community right now, especially here in the West.

Thank you yoga practice and teachers, no word of a lie, it really did save and is transforming my life, a little more each and every day x

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