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So finally I’ve booked it.  My trip to the Amazonian rain forest in Peru for this ayahuasca adventure.  4 weeks, just me, myself and I; set with the intention to unwind, deprogram and realign to who I say I choose to be.  Thanking and leaving the past now not useful parts behind me..

Over the past year I’ve been attending regular Embodied Relation Yoga Therapy with a fantastic therapist teacher, Kate Ellis.  This therapy of allowing my true threads of self to emerge, combine this with my ever unfolding path of yoga, and being married to a wonderfully different yet similar being to I; has supported my feeling the most comfortable with myself than I can ever remember being.   But, living a constant life in London, so much happens so fast, with people struggling to get along with themselves and each other, I’ve found can be tiring.  I keep flitting between feeling OK with where I’m at, trusting and knowing I’m on the right path, to wanting to chuck it all in and live in a tree house somewhere remote and wild..  The more I’m working with Kate and unveiling my true self, the more I KNOW that part of my path here on Earth, is to be that innocent playful expressionist, encouraging others to give in to their innocence too..  Not to be scared of the weird part of ones self, but to embrace it and transmute the voices of self-limitation into something more supportive of creative living..

Hence, finding myself embarking on this adventure, now new questions arise about what it is I might find.  I’ve discussed this path with many and until last week’s session with Kate my questions just seem inhibited some how, but now..  I want to be able to decipher those energies which are not mine but yet plague me for energy, I intend to be able to see with more clarity where my true path lies rather than seeking out the safest option.  This trip isn’t about getting high on this ayahuasca adventure and forgetting all ones problems, quite the opposite.  It’s about shining a light on those deeply unconscious parts of ones self which feel problematic, the parts which we cannot see with this 3D viewing physical eye.  Seeing these parts so they may be assimilated and processed with conscious awareness, helping to further ones path into peaceful living.  I’ve been manic, stressed, hospitalised and nearly killed by the effects of stress on my sensitive system (in the forms of ulcers and Crohn’s disease); I’m now a long way from there but can still feel now is a good time to move beyond that further.  We’re entering, or we’ve entered already into a new paradigm, times are a changing for the better and therefore we have much strength given to our healing.  The new moon came into Virgo (sign of healing and getting things right) yesterday and it’s like the planets themselves are saying, “do it!  Break out from the things which don’t feel healthy!”

The ayahuasca adventure retreat and Shaman I’ve chosen is one which has been recommended to me by someone personally trained by the Shaman and also attending this adventure.  Always with this nature of work, one MUST know one’s lineage when embarking on such a sensitive and potentially dangerous journey if in the hands of the inexperienced or untrue.  Check out www.kataricentre.com if you want more information on a place in Peru which has been verified as authentic.

I’ll write more about this in due course, check back later 😉


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  1. Lisa
    March 10, 2017

    People nolrmlay pay me for this and you are giving it away!


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