More Class Prep: Aromas and Love

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With the weekend drawing to a wind down, it’s time for some more class preparation.  Next on the list, give the new mats some love.  I’m mixing several drops of patchouli oil in hot water and using a couple of cotton towels to cleanse and then dry the mats, with the intention of bringing to any students who use them the best of my good vibes.

Not too sure if the aroma will stick around on the mats (if it doesn’t it will be extremely mild, so to not put you off your yoga practice) but I feel intentions make the world of difference to both the giver and the receiver; they ultimately become the backbone of what you do and how you do it.  I hope you can all feel the love.   In the words of the great John Lennon ‘All you need is Love’ (and of course air, food and water I hear a few cynics say; but if everyone has love for everyone, then there is ALWAYS more than enough to go around). J

A teeny bit more motive behind my use of patchouli oil:

Technically we have 5 senses (6 if you include the intuitive sense modern day science is still trying to get a handle on), smell being one of them.  Healing, stimulation, calming and exciting can all be invoked within us using one of our senses – i.e. we see or hear an artist’s creation on canvas or vinyl or perhaps even just the taste of a rich, dark (fairly traded) chocolate soothing ones soul.  Smells too help us to achieve different states of being.  From the little I have picked up by being around my cousin and my best friend, who are both fabulous massage therapists and adept with the scented world of essential oils, I am intrigued by the power of smells (preferably the more pleasant ones).  Thus I chose patchouli oil to prepare the mats with because of its grounding and uplifting nature, having no contraindications for known groups of people and generally, I find it very balancing.  This also aligns well with my intention for what yoga can bring into a community such as ours.


This is where I got mine in case you are interested 🙂

Happy Sunday Beautiful x

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    Finding this post has ansrewed my prayers


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