We have equipment!! Things are starting to heat up over here!

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YES!!  Equipment has arrived!!  9 New sticky Ecotex mats and 10 blocks to get us started with!


VERY Exciting!  Finally the tangible link between Core-Focus Yoga and Brilliant Corners has arrived. Classes are enabled in the physical sense


Next steps – clean the mats and get a bit deeper into class sequencing prep

Class plans are looking hot already!  We’ll be focusing on heating up the body and burning all that extra festive booze or foods, then leading you into a calm and warm state where you can relax and unwind

It’s also my intention to give each mat a bit of love in the form of a cleanse, using a smidgen of essential oil diluted into pure warm water; to personally ensure the mats are in tip-top state and making full use of their stickiness.  Helping you to get the best experience out of these classes!

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