Full Moon in Virgo

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Full Moon in Virgo.  This Sunday we’ll be having another full moon, it will be in the sign of Virgo.  Virgo is known for it’s attention to detail and way of making sure everything is just so.

For me, so far already this year has been something monuMental, with many highs (matched by their opposite lows) and opportunities for growth.  Growing being a sometimes painful process and leaving me simply want to scream, shout, hit out or run away to the forest or an Asian island beach.  I’ve therefore been a little off track with things such as writing and creative pursuits in order to make the most of all the energies of this year thus far, hence this full moon in Virgo, indicating to take care and consideration over decisions and using ones intuition, is well received and heeded.

Is there anything you need to consider taking more care over this weekend?  Did you set an intention at the new moon to realign to now?  There’s been a lot happening for many of us, take stock this weekend and hold tight, there’s still much fun ahead!


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