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I’m grateful for all my friends, family, teachers, students, and randoms who reflect aspects of myself previously unseen.

I’m grateful for my warm, light, happy and nurturing home; in a location I love.

I’m grateful for my life’s purpose, and what it brings me from amazing people, to profound experiences.

I’m grateful for my health, for the health of my body, mind and spirit…

I’m grateful I fill my belly with healthy, tasty and nourishing food; and that I can take a hot shower and lay in a comfy bed, each and every day.

You’ve probably seen it too, all those people who do gratitude 100 days or weeks or something.  I’m not going to do that.  Instead, I’ll just say it once on here; that’s enough.  As truly, deeply, I do, or in the least have the intention to honor these things for EVERYDAY so long as I’m breathing and thinking..  I don’t wish to compare my path to others and be happy I am not x, y, z; but to perhaps offer inspiration for any readers, who don’t already, to have their own gratitude list too!

It’s not about what you have,  It’s about your state of mind..

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  1. Elida
    March 10, 2017

    Good points all around. Truly aptaicerped.


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