To push or not to push..

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To push or not to push?

To push for a response in somebody who is taking their time?

To push somebody/my body on the mat, until every muscle is well and truly done in?

To push my mum to stop giving me a hard time about being a bit wild?

To push my opinions about food and intolerance/allergy, because it might help someone else?

To push myself to wear those uncomfortable but o so gorgeous shoes?

To push or be pushed, into something I don’t quite yet get?

To push myself and drink coffee, to make that early meet?

What’s really worth pushing?  Or when may the long term price, be not as nice as the sweet fruits of instant gratification?

If I’m tired, can I not just stay in the comfort of my sheets and duvet?  No, I must push myself to go to work, perhaps, because I know I’ll be happy with the fruits of my labor?..  Or am I chasing a dream to have all the consumables I see in the ads?.  I want an answer from my lover even though for some reason they still seem resistant; is it right to push someone to open up, to make that connection because it serves my own insecurities?

How hard do I push the people in front of me, to break through their current barriers?  OR, do I leave them more to their own charge to empower them further, so they Know they can do it as and when they’re ready each time?  Rather than empowering myself, to be their hook into getting up?  Do I/they not trust in their abilities?

Coffee is a fantastic drink, I love it, but know all too well, to have it every day, one gets a dependence..  Pushing ones self could be considered as still a more empowered form of pushing; depending on if that drive comes from internal or external powers..  I.e. setting up a patterning which gets us hooked on the drive of something beyond our energetic selves?  Pushing ourselves to do something to impress another (be that a real other or media imposed ideas)?..

The next time you find yourself pushing for a result or an answer – ask yourself, is the time right?  Does it empower or dis-empower myself or an other(s)?

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