Voice it (expletive content)

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I thought I had my voice, for 30 years I was at least sure of that..  However until recently I didn’t quite realise how much I was holding back..

When laughing I remember my full volume coming out, a few loud cackles until I stopped the sound with self doubt..

I guess on the rare occasion my full expression maybe heard, but not during those frequent times when I was too scared to say if I was stressed or disturbed..

Thinking I’m not worthy of voicing my discomfort, thinking I’m just sensitive, and these nuances I should simply put up with..

From the rat race demanding we all go at the same space and pace, to bankers and politicians who make this country a disgrace..

A higher rent, than most can earn; maybe if more of us find our voices, the tables will turn?!

I’m not too sure if this is more of a female thing, worrying about what others will think.. What will they think about my expression so raw??. But I’m in deep need to stop suppressing this roaaarr!

“Better out than in” is what I keep imagining, yet so far from where I had been living..

I’m angry as fuck.  Fuck fuck fuck!  I’m not that human who simply puts up..

The method to release this madness, hmmm where to begin.   Maybe throw caution into the wind..

Still, I don’t know, how to let it go; how to get more in line with MY voice and my flow..  Mindful movement is where I shall start, mindful not to just use the head but also the heart..

From holding back, the lesson I’ve learnt, express how you feel and the less you’ll get burnt!

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