5 Ideas to Negate the Post-Weekend Blues

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Monday Blues

Let’s face it, Monday has the tendency not to be a fun-day; but, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Gently taking what you need from these few simple points (tried and tested) can help you to feel somewhat lighter and brighter.

      1. Cleanse, inside and out.  Warm water (maybe add some lemon or lime), herbal tea; ensure you get a good dose of caffeine free rehydration to help flush the system.  Also, have a shower or at least wash your face to help remove accumulated and oozed toxins from your skin.
      2. Get Moving!  Anything from using a body brush, or rolling around and having a stretch on the floor to opening up with a few Sury Namaskara (sun salutations, we can never worship the sun too much); these babies activate all of your bodily systems and helps to shake out your s***
      3. Put on your favourite ambient but uplifting track, music is one of the easiest steps to help soothe the soul
      4. Wear something you feel good in, hopefully it can be warm and comfy but including an uplifting colour, or favourite item
      5. Go Easy on yourself and Smile.  You’re human, not robot; and smiles release endorphins (the happy hormone)

Much love.

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