I have eyes


I have eyes and I know you can see,

You have eye so why not look at me?

Look into my eyes and maybe you’ll see,

I’m not as bad as your mind has painted me..


I’m not a stranger,

I mean you no danger.

Take a glance in my eyes,

And I, you will recognise.


Look into my eyes and you may see, more than this body, hair and battered dignity..


See into my open eyes,

And you’ll see more than the distractions outside.

Look into my eyes as you barge past me,

Maybe you’ll be kinder next time, recognising our shared humanity..


Why can you not look?  Why do you not see!?


Are you too cool, too trendy or just too busy?..

LOOK at the real person you discard as you disregard and push past me.

Drop the front, the o so serious  act,

Seriousness will kill you quicker, that’s a fact!

Or is it pain, which keeps your gaze far from near?

Avoiding my eyes to hide some embedded fear..


We’re all tired, hungry, fed up, and want to be else where,

But how to not let this hurt rebound on another, acting as if we don’t care?

You care if I barge past you, or accidentally step on your shoe.

I care if you do the same to me too,

Unless; we share that kind glance,

Make recognition of each others existence.


Or, do you misinterpret my intention?  The real reason I look to spark this connection..


To glance into each others eyes,

To let our souls connect without guise,

Showing ones self ones own true reflection,

It’s a different kind of affection..

Think of the power for all to be made,

If when standing next to you, we let the disconnections fade..



When I first moved to London no one believed at first I was English because of my choice to smile and be friendly on the underground.  Over the years I’m finding it hard to keep up.  But, I can’t just let my spirit die with the daily grind, the human spirit is stronger than that!  The Pink Floyd lyrics comes to mind: “Together we Stand, Divided we Fall”

If we can’t come together when standing next to each other on a train or in the street then how?   Smile.  It’s free and it releases endorphins.  🙂



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