Listening to yourself


Fortunately, my body is hypersensitive and thus is one which makes me listen; for which I am very grateful.  Even just the subtle signs of pimples, aches or dry skin can be your body trying to get you to listen to it as a means to help it function better.

Listening to yourself could be inferred in many ways.  There are multiple parts to our existence and thus there’s multiple parts of us we can listen to.

The body:  Tells us when we’re hungry or in pain

The mind:  Constant babble that can either be useful in solving complex arithmetic, or, is the distracting and destructive voice of the ego, which keeps us battling with ourselves or others

The higher mind/soul/spirit:  This tells us how best to reach our ultimate goals and where the love is

In my experience, it’s quite a noise occurring,  and the default or easiest part to listen to is the one which shouts loudest, i.e. the ego/mind.  Fortunately for me however, my body screams quite loudly at me a lot when I disrespect it; and has forced me to listen to it over my ego.  The current societal set up in the UK gears us from birth towards wanting money, power and externally percieved ‘beauty’, i.e. the mind/ego fulfillment; this is how I ended up in hospital a few times.  If it wasn’t for listening to my body then I’m not sure where I’d be right now but I doubt it would be a great place.

It’s only by learning to listen to the subtle and gross signs in my body that I’ve learnt to not listen so much to the crap in my mind.  In turn, I am then more able to listen to my higher mind/soul and find the love and direction I so desparately craved before.  Hence my moto:

Get into your body to get out of your mind!



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