New Moon in Leo

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As you may know, this New Moon in Leo (August 2nd) is the perfect time to set intentions.  The sign of Leo representing in essence, the golden child, the shining individual whom isn’t afraid to put him or her self first.  Potentially leading into being overly self-centred, but the balance of that being a self-empowered and creative individual.

Being overly selfish could be a sign that some fundamental needs aren’t being met through self-empowerment, and therefore we can feel a struggle to survive or thrive and thus to try and compensate with greed.  Also, a sense of lacking, low energy and, anger when other people don’t behave towards us as we would prefer; can all indicate a deficiency in self-looking after and self-response-ability.  Last lunar month seemed to start this rebalancing of looking after myself, properly, and I witnessed it in several others whom were crossing my path too.

This month, with the New Moon in Leo we have an energetic driver into finding and expressing our own true creative flare.  That’s not to say it’s to the disadvantage of others, as if we can be sure we’ve been nourishing and taking good care of ourselves then, we can handle it if someone does need to tell us we’ve stood on their toes, without anyone having to get upset and angry; and vice versa.  It’s a fantastic time to find balance in allowing ourselves to have some fun and make some space for ourselves, whilst in harmony and communication with those around us.

Allow yourself to take whatever space you need for you, 2016 has been massive in clearing spaces, jobs, relationships, and other out of alignment things which are out of alignment for where your journey is heading.  See what comes to heart and mind for you to focus on this month, do you need any help to create space for yourself and your adventure?  I’ve also been sensing a massive pull to look at our ancestry for some more information in healing old wounds which may have been carried down the familial lines.  Quite often what needs space and recreating is the belief systems passed down the generations, perhaps unknowingly imprisoning families for generations into patterns we now have the energy to change and recreate into something we choose, and which can serve us in these new times.

Liberate your inner lion or lioness.  Grrrrrrr 😉  Create the space and the life you deserve..

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