Nervous Fibres

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nervous-fibres1There IS an ease about which this body can move.

A way with no pain, no pushing and yet with full FUNction, form and freedom;

nothing to prove.


Having a substantial range for flexibility and strength suggests, a focal point would help one to manifest..

It’s a challenge to find ones midline when it feels like so much is on a wonk..

Eccentrically flowing through one curve to another,

even the best educated in trigonometry would end up wrong.

The centre line isn’t a matter of mode, median, middle or tangent,

rather a fluctuating sensing space beyond the intelligent.


The meat and bones, they simply grow,

but what is that alchemic energetic place in which they flow?


The subtle, the deep, the connecting place..

That which houses our energy and nerves;

the media through which ones perception translates what the senses observe..

How is it that with this bundle of fibres I can create experience from my dreams?

Yet also, co-create with you unimaginable scenes?


To be tuned in

To feel from  every part of the skin

To witness more than the thoughts

Move into freedom away from limiting self-talk..


It’s from fear we push back and fight,

but by moving through fear it leads into alright..



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  1. Carley
    March 10, 2017

    I’m shkecod that I found this info so easily.


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