New Year Same Old BS

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It’s been quite refreshing to see different public figures NOT talking about setting new years resolutions, but perhaps I’ve managed to miss it through my lack of engagement with the mainstream media..

A friend asked me this week what super intention I had set for the coming year (yes we use the ‘intentions’ terminology rather than resolution, as to claim not to do something for a year, I’ve learnt, is a pretty lame idea for me, tell me I can’t and I’ll probably have to do it just to break the rules).  My response to this is to continue with the work I started 6 months ago, back in the June/July new moon, it’s all about me.  I’d set the intention after my marriage-rebound relationship break up, as I’d realised my past error of never putting my needs first, and thankfully 6 months on I’m reaping the benefits of having a me centric life.  Yes, there is someone I love and care for deeply in my life (as well as of course my family, friends, clients etc) but I’ll still never change this intention for the world.

My intention is to be the best of me, and to help those close to me to do the same.  EmPower.

Personally, I don’t see the point in trying to stop yourself from doing something ‘bad’ for you, as there is psychology around why we choose to do ‘bad’ things to ourselves or others, and similar to the point I made in my other blog post; if you’re hurting, you’re not going to be good to anyone else, let alone yourself.  I’ve quit smoking by seeing that it hurts me, it hurts my amazing body and these days, I’d rather nourish it than damage it.  It CAN be and IS that simple.  I decided to stop letting people take advantage of me and to express and request my worth, letting my world be all about me and let’s say I’ve never had better relationships with others now too.

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