The whole truth, or only the inspirational parts?


Being an instructor, teacher, coach or therapist puts one in a position where your clients want to listen to what you say.  Be it about how to move more freely with consciousness, how to balance your diet or, whatever the subject matter may be, it is an honor to be in such a position.  However, with this comes a responsibility to be ultra conscious about what you say, regardless whether you’re expressing opinions or facts about your chosen subject or way of living.

The question I have is how do we balance being authentic with our clients, whilst still maintaining the ability to stay up-beat and ‘positive’, even when we may feel like curling up and having a cry? (Obvs within moderation with everyone, not just clients!)

Would it be incorrect of me as a yoga instructor to share my flaws when they arise? Or as a nutritionist (in the making) to share my challenges in maintaining optimal nutritional health?  Am I being genuine with my clients if I only show them the best of me and hide the things which have made me compassionate in the first place?

What is the most important thing to share with your clients?  Is it the whole truth so they can see you’re not so different?  Or only share the ‘lighter’ side?


  1. Andrea Georgiou
    June 16, 2014

    There is no right or wrong in this case , I think you need to go with what ultimately feels right at the time . Being true doesn’t always mean revealing all.
    This is a great question though and has really got me pondering. Personally I would offer my best in which ever way it unfolds itself and surrender to that . There is no fixed way of being – only you can arrive to where it is you are going.

    • Lakesha
      March 10, 2017

      A prvcvoatioe insight! Just what we need!


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