Worried? Stressed? Less. Now.

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Now the Discipline of Yoga

Less and less I worry and hold on to the tensions which eats at me.

By remembering to ask myself, how am I right Now?  It keeps getting easier to find my own peace of mind.

Until I began a regular yoga practice, my life revolved around stress; always regretting what I felt I could have done better, or worrying about what discontent may lie ahead.  Thus, continually perpetuating the cycle of stress, worrying and rushing more to try and make up for what was bugging my mind; getting more and more sick with dis-ease all the time.

The first of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali states:

“*Now the discipline of yoga”

Patanjali (who was a great scientist of mind, body and spirit) lived 5,000 years ago; thus the meaning of these exact words may have changed a little.

Now.  The Discipline (i.e. to work with and do). Yoga: the 8 limb/step path to bliss.

This is the main sutra which keeps hitting me when I worry or get stressed.  It reminds me that ‘Now’ is all I have, Now is what I must work with, and Now I am in no real danger.

Sometimes reflection on the past or preparation for the future can be useful; but worry and stress is a waste of my resources.


*there are various translations of the sutras, or put another way”*Now is the time for yoga”  but this is the one which I chose to use here.

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