Being comfortable this Autumn/Winter


Autumn and winter are historically wet and cold, have a lower energy and is when the fluffy furry animals hibernate.  Also, at this time of year, warming root veggies from the Earth are a staple food whilst there’s a lot less sunlight bringing its energy into this part of the globe.  So as modern humans instead of slowing down, even in the weariness of the autumn and winter, we try to do more to make up for the shorter days – it’s OK everyone’s at it!  With Christmas (or other religious holidays) and the January sales around the corner the very thought of having a quiet 5 minutes seems months away for some.  It can be hard slowing down with nature when the rest of the population still seem to be running at 200MPH, how is it possible not to also be so busy?!

This answer lies with our ancestors and nature, our inner nature and nature in the wild as we know it, but it’s our negligence to our deep connection with this planet and its seasons which is why we must again pay attention more to the changing energy of the weather, the hibernating animals and the actual foods which grow; imagine how people lived 500 years ago in winter?  Slow down and take this time to restore yourself!  Following on from the highs of the summer, now is the time replenish our reserves so we can have a spring in our step next March.  Being generally conscious of this can be an asset, but Yoga is an excellent tool to help us to do this, not only does it turn our attention inside to our true nature but it also can be used as a gentle way to build heat and keep us from getting too cold or sluggish.   However, it is still very important we learn to slow down and generally take stock of our lives; live like the seasons with cooler but also sometimes, more extreme energies.

5 Tips to help transition into chilling:

  1. Eat warming and earthy foods, locally sourced where possible so you can really eat with the season of your dwelling
  2. Take the opportunity to sleep more with the earlier sunset and later sunrise, see what small changes you could make to your routine to allow this for a few months.
  3. Do some Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi, keep the fire burning inside so you can keep warm.
  4. Move more towards mental tasks rather than physical ones to make the most of a clearer mind bought on by the cold weather.
  5. Appreciate the warmth of your home or your winter coat with the coolness of the air which helps to freshen things up after a sweaty summer!

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