Candle Meditation


One of the most enLightening (excuse the pun) meditations, for me, is the Candle meditation.  Couldn’t be simpler and yet neither more beautiful and effective to calm the mind and bring you into the present.

Set yourself a timer, if you’re new to meditation make it 5 minutes only, if you  have more experience and feel able to give more time then set longer, up to 30 minutes, but be modest so you put the time aside without worry.

Light a candle, one with an open, naked flame (probably better a pillar or stick candle, but tea light also works).

Sit about 1 or 2 foot away from your candle  and start your timer.

Setting a timer means you can let go of the mind thinking it needs to be busy or controlling the situation, thus easing into the time you’ve set aside.  Make sure you’re alert and not hungry or thirsty when you start to help you to stay still.

If you get distracted by thinking or trying to do something else, remind yourself it’s only for a few minutes and go back to watching the flame; see it dance and change and flow with every moment..  If you keep getting distracted, then notice where your distractions take you, if needs be pause the timer and write down what came up but get right back to the candle!

The hardest thing is starting the timer, if you can get to that point you’re winning.  Let me know how you get on!


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