Cool-Headed amidst CoronaVirus

Dear dears,
during these uncertain times (a common phrase right now, I’m sure!), I would like to be barer of pragmatism in the hope to help those in my community to be able to stay in one’s centre and personal power. 

To not succumb to fear and its effects on our health; mentally, physically, socially and economically.  By writing this I’m not meaning to ignore advice about not spreading this further, or to undermine the awful wave of deaths across the globe but, to remind us all, that worrying literally does nothing.


Despite statistics and educated opinions, we actually cannot predict the future. We have an idea. There are many speculations on why this is happening, and where it is going, but this is based on the fact of the known, but the unknowns are plentiful and we will never actually uncover all of them.

All we can do is to stay present and aware so that we may be able to respond as best we can, not from a place of fear and over-thinking, but from a place of being rational and cool-headed amidst coronavirus unnerving times; responding as and how changes occur. Without our presence, we can jump to panic and often very much disempower ourselves and those others trying to help (see nurses reaction to empty shelves with all this panic buying). In scary times, we can often want someone to take the reigns and tell us it’ll be OK, to look for advice in the opinion of another (simply as I state here, just my opinion but I hope it to empower individuals, not to take away). but really, who knows for sure?

What can we do to quell the nagging anxieties telling us we might be housebound for 6 months? Or that everything may go to rubbish?!

What can we actually find safety or confidence in? The only sure ground anyone has is one’s sense of centre. As we practice in Pilates, meditation or yoga (and beyond, this is simply my remit), to find balance, to find that strong, easy place, to be where we can continue to breathe normally, despite the external factors and pressures. THIS is the only secure place for us, even the strongest house will crumble in time.

I wish to offer my services and experience as a means to help keep those around me empowered and centred so that as a whole community, we may each make the best decisions regarding ourselves and others, as opposed to reacting on fear of the unknown and massive speculations. 

Thus, I’ll be offering zoom or Skype sessions, open Pilates/meditation/yoga depending on what I feel like and what’s requested/I hear around me. Also, I’ll be continuing to offer private sessions via this medium. All sessions will be based on donation, as in, if you’re still receiving payment from your employment, or not, anticipating your fairness for us both (my work is usually all face to face and 99% of my employers ceased my employment as soon as they’ve closed their doors). Please do get in touch via my contact form if you wish to know more.

Let’s all stay in our personal power of clear minds, decisiveness and health in physical, emotional and psychological regards. 

With love, Christine

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