Spring equinox

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Spring equinox

Equal time split between the night and the day, and being that it’s spring here in the NH, it’s also owing to the lessening of the cold and dark to make way for the sun’s growing journey which started back on December 21st with the solstice.
It ought be warmer and lighter than then, but not always do things flow as expected.

I feel that mother earth has been throwing a few curve balls our way in a bid to bring more light to the situations caused by a lack of education and balance within the world. Even for myself, I wish to know more about how to make the best of this planet..

As you’re reading this, even as I’m writing it, ones head is in the screen, as consciously as one can connect with something so artificial still begets the need for connecting with something more real… The trees as they are starting to bud and blossom, the ground as it slowly warms, the whole of nature as it stretches out of its deep, cool slumber..

It’s still my reckoning that we are like other mammals and ought to be able to take time to restore and recharge over winter, sleep more and take stock of the year, making preparations for the next year. As we don’t currently operate in this way, to honour ourselves as living beings, rather than like the robots we create, the next best thing might be to work with the arts and sciences which support our parasympathetic nervous system (ie the one which is our natural state to being but generally becomes unreachable as we forget to slow down, even in children).

If one’s feeling frazzled, or even simply in homage to the Earth, practice yoga, Pilates, take a sound bath, nap, meditate, tai chi, chi gong, a slow walk and take in the park or forest. This will help one to align more with ones natural state (and if you fall asleep, it means you’re in need of it!)

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