Moving In – The Most Important Physical Relationship

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To learn, at least in this physical plane, if something hurts, how does it want to be treated in order to heal?

We know instinctively, intuitively what is good for us, the body is an accessible tool to help find answers within.

Physical manifestations of pain have been said to start in the psyche, i.e. something jabs us emotionally and perhaps it’s felt in the gut, or your shoulder got stuck..

Listen to oneself..  ..DEEPLY..

Listening to how the body responds when making the most simple of movements can be a tool to self-empowered healing.

Learning how a bone rotation of 3 degrees can cause the firing up and lengthening of different strings of your muscles fibres, contrasting to the regular pattern of shapes your body makes..

Being mindful not to just feel the burn, but to learn from the edges of it..  To be where the heat is at its most intense, feeling when there is an internal response to that edge and the burn kicks in, momentarily finding that magic spot..

Re-engage your focus, to enquire How to play curiously with the movement of your structures and to once again move through those fire..

As like fire, those intense places, those edges and spaces within us, are never still.  Constantly shifting and changing, moving and grooving with its constituents and where these input variables each meet their environments..  The only constant is change.  You think you found your magic edge, think you got it, then look again!  ..It changed!..

To stay in one’s zones of comfort.  To always be using the same line of action and enquiry, reinforcing the known and further disempowering the rest…

By mitigating ones usual placement, the resonance points can be heard from where one can strengthen those parts which suffer from less frequent action and engagement..

Being blessed, with such a physical system as this..  The human physical, our complex and epic instrumental tool for this life..  And to only access a fraction of its abilities..?!..  Please..

Working with the body is an amazing way to empower yourself physically but it’s also a stepping stone to something much deeper..

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